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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Nothing to speak of....

Not much to speak of today, but if I had to I just found this great picture of Toothless blasting his fireball at the Red Death.

"Hold, Toothless….. NOW!”
This picture is a great example of how dragons breathe fire, the Red Death's gas in it's mouth is  likely flammable so when Toothless blasts it, the Red Death would burst and go up in flames.

EDIT: There is something to speak of! Guess what I found! Click read more to find out!
I have found the HTTYD 2 Facebook page! Click here to check it out!

Official Logo
It was a completly accidental find.  Found this picture there too, it's a cool picture of a Deadly Nadder model.
Deadly Nadder model
Also How To Train Your Dragon is showing tomorrow on 7Mate here in Australia (channel 73 for Freeview or 207 for Foxtel)

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