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Monday, 20 August 2012

New Riders of Berk comic and sneak peak!

Ape Entertainment will soon release, as it seems, a Riders of Berk comic!

 nd there is a new clip for Riders of Berk- Some dragon-boarding on the snow goes from fun to deadly for Astrid and Hiccup.

Credit for Berk's Grapevine for all of this.
Click 'Read More' to see the video.

HTTYD Before it was.

Ok, so basically I just found these HTTYD names trademarked by Dreamworks.

Before it was Dreamworks Dragons: Gift of The Night Fury it was:
Dreamworks Dragons: Secret of the Holiday Hatch

And before it was Dreamworks Dragons: Book of Dragons it was:
Dreamworks Dragons: Book of Dragon Secrets
Book of Dragon Secrets

To be honest these are some pretty cheesy names, that's probably why they changed it. I also found another one Dreamworks trademarked- Dreamworks Dragon Trainer, not sure what that was there for though.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Nothing to speak of....

Not much to speak of today, but if I had to I just found this great picture of Toothless blasting his fireball at the Red Death.

"Hold, Toothless….. NOW!”
This picture is a great example of how dragons breathe fire, the Red Death's gas in it's mouth is  likely flammable so when Toothless blasts it, the Red Death would burst and go up in flames.

EDIT: There is something to speak of! Guess what I found! Click read more to find out!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dreamworks Dragons: Riders Of Berk

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but HTTYD Riders Of Berk, just aired and boy was it awesome!!!! The animation is not as good but it was great nonetheless!

SPOILERS!!! Quickly scroll down to miss this part!!

The episodes included were-
How to Start a Dragon Training Academy and Viking for Hire.

Sypnosis- How to Start a Dragon Training Academy:
The island of Berk, having trained many dragons they thought life would be peaceful, but dragons will be dragons and soon the dragons start stealing food and creating chaos around Berk, watch as the teenagers try to put a stop to the havoc and create peace on Berk once more.

Sypnosis- Viking for Hire:
All Gobber used to know was being a blacksmith and creating weapons to fight dragons, but because dragons have been trained he has no use for blacksmithing, so the teens try and help him find a new job.

Spoiler End

Several people have LiveStreamed it so if you would like to watch it I suggest going to Crownflame's LiveStream of Riders of Berk by clicking here! After that click on the video titled either- 1: How to Start a Dragon Training Academy or 2: Viking for Hire.